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Success Stories

Many employers and job seekers who have recruited or got a job using SyrianTalent.com. Read what some of them have to say about our Website, our product, and our quality of service

Ali Al Ghamdi

SyrianTalent.com has provided us with a user-friendly interface and is an excellent tool when identifying professionals with suitable skill sets. When running adverts, we have found that the response we get is great. The website itself is varied and serves a multitude of purposes, with salary searches being an added bonus. The CV Search feature has been particularly helpful, with the range of search options allowing us to finely tune our searches and has therefore reduced the time it used to take us to identify and find relevant high quality candidates.

Aline Bektamer

I have always been very impressed with the quality of service I have received from SyrianTalent.com. They are reliable, efficient, professional and – above all – truthful. This alone sets them apart from their competition. The consultants are professional, thorough and understand our business needs. The quality of the candidates on SyrianTalent.com is fantastic, as is their system, which is very fast and easy to use. I would recommend SyrianTalent.com, especially for positions that are often not straightforward. They have helped us in a number of difficult areas.

Nomir Ali Adib

One week after submitting my application request, I received a phone call for great opportunity Aura Living. they told me that I should come in for an interview. The next day, I had my interview and a written test .Finally, they accepted me and I am very pleased with my job at the moment. I think that was an interesting story to share with all the jobseekers out there. I believe SyrinaTalent.com is a great site and it really does work.

Ahmed Al Saleh

I would like to thank SyrianTalent.com for helping me finding a great opportunity; I got a very competitive offer from Saudi Ceramic Company as Export Area Manager with a respectable salary. Since my graduation, I have received quite a few opportunities through SyrianTalent.com. I would highly recommend every Job seeker to register on it.

Ousama Lazini

I have used SyrianTalent.com for a variety of positions and we are happy with the support we got from the SyrinaTalent.com team. The website is easy to use with its user friendly interface!